Putnam County WV

Do you need any heating and cooling repairs in Putnam, WV? Give Custom Heating and Cooling a call: 304-429-6659. We can take care of all of your air conditioning and heating needs.

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rooftop air conditioning heat exchangers

Everyone enjoys being comfortable no matter what the weather looks like outside. Here at Custom Heating and Cooling, we can make a comfortable home a reality. We offer HVAC services. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and this is a skill in which Custom Heating and Cooling specialize greatly. Failure to perform regular maintenance on any HVAC system will lead to poor performance and costly repairs as well as higher utility bills.

Custom Heating and Cooling serve both commercial and residential clients. We service all brands of equipment, guarantee our work, and promise to complete a job that meets or exceeds our clients’ exceptions.  We do not have the high overhead that other national companies have and are able to deliver outstanding HVAC services without the higher costs of other companies. Our products carry up to a 10-year warranty; also, Custom Heating and Cooling offer to finance for any appliance/service.


How can you tell if you need repairs?

  1. Increased Bills: If you notice a spike in your utility bill with no change in use, it may be time to consult us for repair.
  2. Ineffective Thermostat: When adjusting the thermostat of your home, you notice no/little change in temperature, there may be something wrong with your heating and cooling system.
  3. Ice/Condensation/Drafts: Your house may begin to become drafty; and if ice forms or there is condensation on the system, call us.
  4. Age of Appliance: Any appliance past the age of 10 years needs to be considered for repair or replacement.
  5. Loud Sounds: Buzzing, banging, and any other unusual sounds coming from the system means a repair might need to be made.